Endre Csáki and Pál Révész are 70

International Conference on Probability and Statistics

June 17 - 19, 2004
Budapest, Hungary

Rényi Institute





Thursday, 17 June, Small Lecture Room of the Academy
9:00 Opening
9:15 M. Csörgő:Joint path properties of two of my most favorite friends in mathematics
10:15 Z. Shi:Law of the iterated logarithm, local time, random walk, random environment
11:15 J. Rosen:An almost sure invariance principle for the range of planar random walks
11:50 P. Salminen:On perpetual integral functionals of Brownian motion with drift
Afternoon session
14:00A. Földes:About some of my favorite results with Bandi and Pali
14:35 W. Philipp:A uniform Chung--Smirnov LIL for monotone subsequences
15:10 Q.M. Shao:Normal comparison inequalities and their applications
16:10L. Rejtő:Tree clustering of hidden variables
16:45G. Tusnády:Decision forests
Conference banquet Thursday at 7 p.m. at Rényi Institute, 1st floor Lounge
Friday, 18 June, Dome Room, 3rd floor of the Academy
9:00 H. Dehling:Limit theorems for non-symmetric U-statistics
9:35 M. Yor:Renormalizing Brownian motion with its maximum, minimum, and local time processes
10:35 Y. Hu:Invariance principles for excursion lengths and heights
11:10S. Csörgő:Laws of large numbers for cooperative St. Petersburg gamblers
Afternoon session
14:00 Csiszár I.:Closures of exponential families
14:35 Talata Zs.:Consistent estimation of the basic neighborhood of Markov random fields
15:10 Gombay E.:On sequential and group-sequential test in clinical trials
16:10 Hurelbaatar, G.:Almost sure central limit theorem for the products of the partial sums
16:45 Szabados T.:Stochastic integration based on strong approximation by simple random walks
Saturday, 19 June, Dome Room, 3rd floor of the Academy
9:00 P. Deheuvels:Multivariate Bahadur-Kiefer representations
9:35Gy. Pap:Maximum likelihood estimation of parameters of a discrete time forward interest rate curve model
10:35 Fritz J.:Central limit problems in space and time
11:10 Fazekas I.:Almost sure limit theorems
Afternoon session
14:00 Y. Kasahara: An occupation time theorem for a class of one-dimensional diffusion processes
14:35 B. Tóth:Hydrodynamic limit for two-component hyperbolic systems
15:35 P. Major:Sharp estimates on the tail behaviour of some random integrals and their application in statistics
16:10 S. G. Mohanty: Combinatorial methods in transient behaviour of queues

Abstracts of lectures

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